Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the newest powerful vacuum in the Dyson family. It has been engineered to have twice the suction of any other vacuum. This is by far one of the most impressive and durable models to come from Dyson. The DC41 Animal is equipped with the Dyson ball technology which makes steering and vacuuming easier. The DC41 Animal upright vacuum has been engineered to have the strongest suctions at the cleaner’s head possible. This is perfect vacuum cleaner for any type of dirt that is lying around your home, and especially pet hair. The machine’s cleaner head is not only powerful but designed to adjust to any floor type. It will automatically adjust depending on the height of your carpet pile, or if it is a hard floor surface. The brush bar lifts inside the cleaner’s head protecting hardwood flooring so that there is no damage from the vacuum. Because the DC41 adjusts automatically, there is no need for the you to bend down or manually change the height of the cleaner’s head.

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The DC41 Animal Upright also features Dyson’s patented Radial Root Cyclone technology. This means that you do not need to worry about removing and replacing bags. The entire dirt canister removes in one solid piece, prepared to be emptied. None of the dirt that you just vacuumed, will end up back on your floor. The washable filters allow your unit to remain clean and dirt free, which is perfect for families that have members with allergies. The DC41 Animals comes with a mini tangle free turbine head that allows you to easily remove dirt from tight corners, difficult spaces and upholstery. This tool has been specifically designed to suck up animal hair that can become trapped in carpets and fabrics.

The instant release wand of the DC41 Animal upright vacuum has an instant release button which allows the long reach wand to extend and reach areas that are difficult for traditional uprights to reach. The wand is all one piece so there is no assembly required or additional parts to buy. Along with the wand, the DC41 Animal also comes with the combination and stair tools. The combination tool is perfect for dusting, while the stair tool is designed specifically for the stair’s vertical edges.

Other users have also had great experiences with this vacuum cleaner. 426 have reviewed the Dyson DC41 Animal upright vacuum on a popular consumer website. On this website the majority of users rated this product with 5 out of 5 stars, others gave the product 4 out of 5 stars. Most of the reviewers have stated that the new Dyson is “a great vacuum”, “much better than my old vacuum”, and “worth every penny”.

Among the most popular features, reviewers favorites were:

  • The low noise level of the DC41,
  • The attachments that securely lock into place on the vacuum itself,
  • The long power cord,
  • The washable filter, and
  • The easily removable dirt canister.

Customers were also impressed with the 5 year warranty that comes with their Dyson DC41. Dyson guarantees all of their parts and labor for 5 years.

All in all, if you look for a quality vacuum, you cannot go wrong with the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

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