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Hard Floor Cleaner Reviews

\"OreckFloors can take a lot of wear and tear over the years and they end up changing in color and looking nothing like they used to initially. If you have hard floors that fall under that category then you need a good hard floor cleaner. This is one of those products that you don\’t want to be shopping for too often. The best way is to choose one that offers high value for money. After careful research and comparison, the Oreck Orbiter proved itself as the best hard floor cleaner on the market. It has a 13 inch cleaning path to help you finish cleaning in less time. Slate, stone and tile can be refinished and wooden floors can be polished, sanded and waxed.

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Koblenz P-2500 Floor Scrubber

                In a usual house there are multiple types of floors. Some people like more carpeting, some more hard floors, some a combination between the two. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your tile floors look beaten, although you regularly clean up. You probably need a hard floor […] Read more

Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine

The Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine makes it simple to polish, refinish, sand, scrub, strip, and wax all floor surfaces, and also deep clean carpets as well. Using modern floor scrubbers can be quite difficult. The Oreck Orbiter Ultra does not work like other floor machines; rather easy-to-use fingertip control is made possible […] Read more