Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine Review

The Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine makes it simple to polish, refinish, sand, scrub, strip, and wax all floor surfaces, and also deep clean carpets as well. Using modern floor scrubbers can be quite difficult. The Oreck Orbiter Ultra does not work like other floor machines; rather easy-to-use fingertip control is made possible because its brush head rotates in a random orbit. It is versatile enough to address practically every cleaning job on all floor surfaces, and provides professional-looking and remarkable results every time.

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Top Features:

  • 13-inch cleaning path
  • Carpets can be dry cleaned
  • Random Orbital Drive
  • Slate, stone and tile can be refinished
  • Sticky residue and stubborn stains can be extracted
  • Wood floors can be polished, sanded and waxed
  • 10-year limited overall warranty with 10 free tune-ups

Overview Of The Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine

Random Orbit Drive: No gouging, swirling or torque. The random orbital drive of this floor machine has a unique design that makes it surprisingly easy to clean floor surfaces, including carpets. The movement of the brush head takes place in a random orbit pattern. As a result, the machine is able to easily glide over the floor, and brush marks, gouges, sanding marks, and swirls are prevented.You will have no problems when operating it because it is so maneuverable.

Practically Maintenance-Free & Versatile

Over time, the wear and tear of everyday use becomes evident on all sorts of floor surfaces. The Oreck Orbiter Ultra adds life to such surfaces bringing out their true potential. The basic combination of the right brush, cleaning product and pad gets the job done, and even the toughest chores become a breeze because of its 13-inch cleaning path.
The Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine is assembled in the United States. A 10-year limited warranty backs up this Oreck product. It is practically maintenance free. Steel and zinc are the materials that the precision-engineered induction motor is made of, and there are no belts, gears, or motor brushes that can wear out. Moreover, the warranty also includes yearly tune-ups for the next 10 years, performed by Oreck’s knowledgeable technicians.

Clean Carpets & Reduce Allergens

One of the reasons people replace carpets is due to the dirt. However, with the Oreck Orbiter Ultra, there will be no reason to pay to get carpets replaced if they become dirty. This floor cleaner can be paired with the floor scrubber carpet brush and dry carpet cleaner from Oreck, so that dirt can be easily lifted from the carpet fiber. Allergens are also reduced. Carpets are also dry cleaned so that no soapy or sticky residue is left behind to attract dirt and result in quick re-soiling. This floor machine can be safely used even in homes with kids and pets. Conclusion
The bottom line is that the Oreck Orbiter Ultra is quite a capable floor machine. With the Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine, grout stains can be removed from tile floors, luster of hardwood floors can be restored, and grease and oil can be removed from asphalt and concrete. Furthermore, the shine of marble floors can be restored. Thus, no homeowner would be going wrong by choosing this floor cleaner from Oreck.

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