Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum Review

The Hoover Platinum LINX is a small hand vacuum cleaner designed to clean up smaller messes that involve small to medium sized particles. Its sleek design and dimensions allows for easy handling while cleaning over several surfaces. This small vacuum is a handy alternative when there is something needed to be cleaned but does not call for your bigger vacuum. The Hoover Platinum LINX is mainly intended as a pet hair remover on flat surfaces like chairs, tables, floors and stairs but it is also very capable of handling other types of dirt and other particles.

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A Closer Look

The Hoover Platinum LINX comes with three external attachments, namely these are the Power Head Brushroll, the Pet Upholstery Tool, and the Deluxe Dusting Brush. These attachments are fine tuned to work on many surfaces including, but not limited to, carpets, car upholstery and even bare tile or wood flooring. Its suction power is enough to suck up dirt protected by those small crevices.

It balances power and practicality weighing roughly only 6.2 lbs. but is still equipped with a powerful motor that is neither very loud like the larger vacuum cleaner nor weak like other handheld vacuum cleaners. It also features a handy battery life indicator so that you will always be reminded when the vacuum cleaner needs to be charged. Being handheld and cordless makes it a perfect too for cleaning vehicles and other surfaces that are far away from electricity outlets.

All of the attachments of this vacuum cleaner are capable of pivoting 25 degrees. This allows for the vacuum cleaner to maintain a close hug between the nozzle and the surface being cleaned. This means that you don’t have to turn your hand here and there when cleaning those hard to reach areas. This makes vacuuming with the Hoover Platinum LINX more comfortable and less of a chore as it does not put much strain on your wrist.

The Hoover Platinum LINX is also cordless making it portable and able to be brought to places where the usual vacuum cleaner can’t reach. This particular vacuum cleaner runs on batteries that have a short charge time and runs a decent amount of time. And as an added bonus, is that the Hoover Platinum LINX batteries are compatible with other Hoover cordless vacuums. This makes it very easy to replace in case it gets lost or damaged which is very unlikely.

A Minor Downside

Although this may sound like the greatest hand vacuum cleaner, the Hoover Platinum LINX is not without its imperfections. One minor downside is the limited capacity of the dirt collector. Although it may be fit to handle larger particles than just dust and pencil shavings its small dirt collector may fill up easily when vacuuming larger elements.

Some people were also a little bit unhappy with one of the attachments particularly the pet hair attachment as some of the users reported having difficulty using on pet hair. But this actually may vary from user to user experience and is not such a major problem. Many pet owners still feel that this is a great choice for a cordless vacuum.

But this does not undermine all of the pros of the Hoover Platinum LINX. With all the advantages, reasonable price, only one real downside, and a free bag for your attachments, this makes the Hoover Platinum LINX the perfect choice to consider when buying a hand vacuum.

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