Which is the Best Steam Mop?

If you chose to read this guide, then you probably experience some stubborn stains that don’t disappear just by vacuuming and need a proper scrubbing. Most of dirt and bacteria builds up on our floors. This is a common phenomenon, and the backbreaking work that needs to be done to keep them clean is another one. Floors don’t only look bad when dirty but have a major impact on our health. In order to find the best solutions to clean our floors, we’ve researched different products that we could find. The results helped us significantly reduce time & effort, while having a major positive impact on the floors. In this guide we’re going to both share some guidelines that lead us to our top picks and take a look at those that we considered to be the best steam mops in different categories.

We’ve talked to many people who have experienced difficulties in using a steam mop. Most of the times they didn’t choose the right tool for the job they needed to accomplish. This is a common situation. Before rushing in to buy any model, think about where you need to use it and what you need to accomplish. Be sure to buy a steam mop that has the right kind of head. A bigger head will mop large areas faster but will have difficulties reaching corners and narrow spaces. A smaller head is great for narrow spaces but not so efficient on large floor areas.

If you mainly have carpeting and not hard floors that need to be cleaned, then the best thing to do is to take a look at some carpet cleaner reviews. They also use steam but are built to remove stubborn stains out of carpet fabric easier and more efficiently than any other kind of cleaning products.

Benefits of Using a Steam Mop

Steam mops use a really simple concept. They heat up water to produce steam, which is transferred through the head onto the floors. The steam will remove stains from your hard floors that otherwise wouldn’t disappear so fast without a proper scrubbing.

A major advantage of using a steam mop on your hard floors is the fact that they sanitize your floors, removing most of the bacteria that could affect everyone, and most of all small children who often play on the floors.

Many steam mops are made to be used on hard floors only, and many of them can be used on various surfaces such as: hard wood, linoleum, ceramic tile, laminate, etc. There are certain accessories that you can buy extra, that will help you remove dirt from smaller places, like counter tops and hard to reach corners.

Drying time is another advantage of using a steam mop over a traditional one. When you use a traditional mop you constantly have to stress those around your household not to enter the mopped area before it dries. Steam mops significantly reduce the drying time, so you can clean fast and efficiently.

They are also really easy to use. There’s a big difference in this aspect as well, when comparing them to traditional mops. With a steam mop, you only have to fill its tank with water and wait for it to turn into steam. No more dragging the bucket around the house. They also glide easily on the floor surface, opposed to traditional mops that you need to scrub with.

Our Top Picks

top picks

Finding the best steam mop takes some time and research. Many people have busy schedules and doing the proper research is not something you can allocate time to. That’s where we want to be as helpful as possible. There are hundreds of options when it comes to this type of product. It’s pretty hard to conclude on one particular product as being the overall best. This is because different people have different needs. So we tried to think about the most common situations and decided to make value for money a deciding factor. Truth is you don’t have to spend fortunes to get a decent steam mop. Let’s take a look at those that we considered to be among the best.

Best Value Steam Mop

The Hoover TwinTank is definitely the best value for money steam mop. You can clean all types of hard floors, from tile to laminate and others. It removes most bacteria leaving clean and sanitized floors. The 30 foot power cord helps you reach further without the need to unplug. It comes with accessories that you can use to refresh carpets and rugs.  It also include 3 microfiber pads that are easily washable. Tanks are removable being very easy to clean and refill. All in all the Hoover TwinTank will keep your floors clean and bacteria free, deserving every single buck.

Best Hard Floor Steam Mop

In our opinion the BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is the best hard floor steam mop that you can currently find. They thought about many aspects concerning its functionality and design. The water is heated up to a point where it removes almost 100% of bacteria including e-coli and salmonella. You don’t really have to add any detergent because it’s sure to do a great job just by using plain water. An interesting design aspect is the fact that unlike other models, this one has a replaceable water filter that will stop most impurities found in tap water from getting into the inner mechanism.

Best Budget Steam Mop

As we mentioned before, value for money is a deciding factor for us when we recommend any product. The Eureka Enviro is simply the best budget steam mop. Just looking at the advantages you get when compared to a traditional mop and bucket, is just amazing. Just think about the sanitizing effect this steam mop will bring to your floors. This is a pick you should make if you think about purchasing a steam mop but don’t want to invest any significant sum above a traditional mop’s price. It is technologically inferior to other steam mops but it will still get the job done reducing time and effort when compared to using a traditional mop. Actually traditional mops should completely fall out of the equation of washing floors, because what you actually do is spreading bacteria all over the place.

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