Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Have you been looking for a unique vacuum cleaner, that can deliver a great job without braking your back? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. The Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal for all your cleaning needs. Not only is it unique but it is also the best when it comes to cleaning different surfaces and accessing hard to reach spaces. So why should you choose this vacuum cleaner over the others? Read on to find out why.

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First and foremost is that this vacuum cleaner will make your work easier when you are cleaning because all you have to do is just change its position to the direction that is convenient for you. For instance, you can change it so that it lies flat to enable you clean under your furniture with ease. Using this vacuum cleaner will ensure that your pile carpet remains spotlessly clean as it cleans debris, dust and dirt. This will ensure that your house stays fresher than ever. Furthermore, it has a 12 foot flexible hose which will make it a lot easier to clean ceilings, upholstery and drapery. It can also clean up to a radius of 54 feet. This means that you will be able to clean even the furthest places in your home.

This vacuum cleaner has an electro brush that will make it easy to clean any type of carpet. Some of the features that you will enjoy by purchasing this product are automatic height adjustment, swivel neck, rotary dial speed control that makes it easy to adjust it so that it matches with the kind of surface that you are cleaning, crevice nozzle and air clean filter which can retain dirt.The Miele S720 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner also has a powerful 2-motor system, filter change indicator, lightweight aluminum, anti-tip parking device as well as a good housekeeping seal of approval.

There are several advantages that you can benefit of by purchasing this vacuum cleaner. It is affordable and you will get to save a lot of money. You will also get a warranty just in case anything happens to it while delivering. It has multiple useful features such as quality filtration system. It’s equipped for different types of floor and it has large vacuum bags, which means you don’t have to change them so often. However, there is one weakness that you should keep in mind. The Miele S720 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner is quite different from the other Miele S7 series vacuums in that it does not have 8 LED headlights. However, this does not keep it from performing up to standards.

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