Koblenz P-2500 Floor Scrubber/Buffer Review

In a usual house there are multiple types of floors. Some people like more carpeting, some more hard floors, some a combination between the two. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your tile floors look beaten, although you regularly clean up. You probably need a hard floor cleaner to give the floors their initial looks back. The Koblenz P-2500 is one of the hard floor cleaners that you can opt for. I can say that this cleaner does a good job. It’s not the best in this category but it gets the job done.

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The Koblenz P-2500 Floor Scrubber is a high quality cleaning device. It’s very well thought out and build, not packing unnecessary weight. Thanks to its reduced weight you can maneuver it easily taking it wherever you have hard floors that need cleaning. It is, though a bit too light to do deep cleaning, but if you insist on the areas that need more cleaning you will end up with floors as good as new. It’s very easy to assemble. If you do encounter any problems along the way you can consult the instructions, where you will find useful advice.

The reason why I don’t use words such as extraordinary in describing the Koblenz Floor Scrubber is because it has some inconveniences that don’t affect the purpose of the product, but exist. For example a small inconvenience is the fact that you can’t stand it right up if the brushesare attached. You have to kind of lean it onto something. This is pretty annoying if you alternate between scrubbing and mopping.

Another inconvenience is the fact that they positioned the handle that releases water from the tank on the front of the machine. You can’t reach it conveniently unless you take one hand off the handle to reach for it. This gets to be kind of inconvenient when you’re scrubbing and need both hands on the handle. Truth is, you can also spill cleaning products and water on the floor and then use the Koblenz P-2500 Floor Scrubber. You will get the same results, plus you don’t have to bother reaching for the water handle.

Although having a few inconveniences, all in all this is a good product for general household use. It’s not recommended though for commercial use, as you would probably need a more sophisticated tool in that circumstance.

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