Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Review

Having a pet is great; cleaning up after a pet is not so great. Dogs and cats are the most popular domesticated animals, but they can leave a messy home. We all have been there. Fido, the dog, drags dirt on your new carpets; maybe dumps some food out of their dog bowl. Your furniture and rugs are covered in dog hair and dander. The cat made a mess of the litter box in the closet. Friends are allergic to your pet’s dander. You find yourself constantly vacuuming but you’re not getting the desired results. You find yourself frustrated and upset at yourself and your pets.

Don’t worry! There is a better way to clean.

Bissell recently introduced the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum. This sleek, sturdy, new vacuum promises to eliminate the headache of cleaning up after your pets. The vacuum was developed with the help of pet parents. It has a new design, easily managed tools and is a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. What makes the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum the best on the market? Just about everything.

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The Bissell vacuum starts with a light weight design. It weighs approximately 18 lbs. and has a 12 inch cleaning path. It is operational on bare floors, carpet, low pile carpet, stairs, and upholstery and hardwood floors. This means you do not need to switch cleaning tools while cleaning. The best part of this vacuum is its bag-less operation and allergen trapping systems. This vacuum attacks hair and dander lurking in the smallest crevices.

The bag-less system includes a patented Cyclonic Pet-Hair Spooling System. The system sucks up the hair and spools it in the canister. This makes emptying the canister easier and reduces the chances of making an additional mess. The system is equipped with an allergen seal and odor eliminator, ensuring a clean, fresh sent with each cleaning. This eliminates the need to use odor eliminating powders before vacuuming, making Bissell the best vacuum in its class on the market.

Many vacuums on the market are comparable to Bissell’s modest price tag of around $250.00. The Shark Rotator Power Lift Away is in the same price range, but does not have comparable features like the Bissel. The Shark Rotator does not include the Cyclonic technology and can only be used on bare surfaces and carpet. It has a HEPA filter, which means it can trap some dander, but it does not tout the powerful allergen trapping technology of the Bissel. This coupled with the lack of odor control, makes purchasing the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum a worthwhile investment.

The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum takes the hassle out of cleaning and owning a pet. The vacuum is the best on the market in for pet owners. It is simple to use and modest in price. Homeowners’ no longer need to worry about the cleanliness of their home. Pet hair and dander are virtually eliminated with this product. This allows pet owners to focus on what is really important, spending time with their pets.

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