Hoover F7452900PC MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner Review

The Hoover Max Extract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner is a hand-held multifunctional steam cleaner that leave your carpets cleaned and sanitized in just two swings. The powerful engine and the high capacity of rotation of the brushes make it very efficient.

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Using the steam cleaning technology, the Hoover Max Extract is a non-toxic tool to be used on any surfaces, from expensive carpets to marble or wooden floors. A water-based cleaner or a steam cleaner often leaves leakages of water behind. The Hoover is an innovative cleaner that has a powerful absorption engine and an efficient system of brushes so that no unwanted leakages occur. The power button is placed near the handle, so it’s very easy to turn it on and off with your thumb.

It contains two water tanks, one for clean water used for the steaming process, one for water that collects dirt absorbed. The water tanks are easy to attach and detach, by only pressing the foot pedal. The foot pedal also works for taking the cleaner out from the standing position. Just press the pedal and you become in control over the cleaner and it is ready for usage. The Hoover also has two rear wheels that make it comfortable to move over the thick carpets.

The cleaner comes with two sets of brushes, one for had floors and one for carpets. While using one you can store the other in the special place within the cleaner, so that you can easily and quickly change them when needed. The brushes are powered by the DualV technology, a Hoover trademark. For the carpet brush, this technology works deep into the fibers and brings out all dust, hair and micro dirt that is usually so difficult to clean. For the hard floor brush, the DualV Technology works to scrub out all dried out dirt and stains of mud or sweet and sticky liquids. This technology also works to assure the equal and maximum amount of absorption of the nozzle.

Its design is very compact and provides smart places for accessories storage. The brushes and narrow places accessories are easy to maintain. They are very easy to use, interchange and wash after usage.

Regarding detergent you are free to use any one you like, assuring yourself of non-toxicity and efficiency. Just fill the tanks with warm water, add detergent in the special compartment and the cleaner will do the rest of the job for you. The Hoover Max Extract can wash, clean, scrub and rinse all surfaces. It also leaves a fresh smelling carpet or floor that will brighten up the entire space.

The Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain offers a lot of value for the buck. It is a good acquisition considering that professional carpet cleaning contractors can sum up to a total of $800 and you can never be sure of their environmental degree of protection or of the non-toxicity of the cleaning products.

The downside of Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain is that its durability seems to be weak. Many users have posted in online reviews complaints about their cleaner no longer working after 6 months. They accused leakages of the water tanks, direction and brush malfunctioning. Everyone confessed the product is really amazing in the first couple of usages but they strongly recommend that Hoover offers a new improved version of the MaxExtract All-Terrain before they shall buy a new one.

So, whether you’re moving in, doing the spring clean-up or need to rent the apartment again, now you have the full review of the most popular carpet cleaner in the US.

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